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Customer feedback

We are proud to say that we are receiving more and more excellent feedback from our customers, so we decided to create a page devoted to it. We will keep adding to it over time.

Josué Sáenz de Andrés




My feedback on the wheels is as follows … AMAZING … seriously, they exceeded expectations. The disc is light and responsive and a dream to ride in all conditions but what really surprised me were the deep fronts. They slice the wind and even in crosswinds they are barely noticeable as they handle it well. I haven’t used them in lanzarote style gusty xwinds which are expected to have a dire effect on handling but I also feel they will handle them with the best of the lot.


A couple of pictures of the bike with your wheels attached.


Kind Regards,



Mark Reagan

Hi Brian,

wheels arrived safely had them for a spin today and they are definitely giving me at least 1 to 2 mph extra!Great I will do my best to do them proud in ironman dublin.




Geoff Preston

Hello Brian,


Just a quick note to say I LOVE the wheels. They feel and look great.


Many thanks.



Mike Kazer


Great to hear from you.

The wheels are fantastic, so smooth.

Just got back from Chicago competing in the World Championships. Not only did they attract a lot of attention the helped to to a 30 minute 20KM for the bike leg.

Brilliant, couldn't recommend them more and for the money, even better.



Kind regards


Mike Kazer

Giles Brook

Hello Brian


My recent purchase of fleet 60/80mm fleet carbon clinchers wheelset have been a revelation. I regularly participate in mid to long distance triathlon & cycle events & these wheels have nit just brought my times down by a couple of minutes but several minutes. Incredibly well made, they run so well & the humming noise especially when changing gear make them a great purchase, really really pleased with them.



Garrett Turbett

Hi Brian


I'd be very happy to provide feedback but I've road on my wheels a total of four times - three times training, then once racing. What I did notice was that the wheels, which are set up on a Boardman Air 9.8, really held speed. Although I came away with a good result from the ITU Paratriathlon in Edmonton, Canada, which has pushed me to 13th in the world ranking - the highest ranked single season athlete (athletes carry over 30% of their points from their previous season so next year I'll be looking at the sharp end of top 10!), I didn't feel that I raced particularly well. It was very cold and at 64kg's it took me quite a while after the swim to get warm on the bike.


But, the course was very rough and rutted, and there was a still 300m climb on each of the four laps, so I was pleased with my ride overall. Coming into and then down from that 300m climb we had to cross a bridge with some tough cross winds. Even running the 86mm on the bike and not being a heavy rider I didn't at any time feel twitchy - and keep in mind my Para category is for one armed riders!


Aesthetically, they're awesome! I got quite a bit of attention for the build and the wheels in particular got a few "very nice" comments. Even my teammate who's a London 2012 track silver medalist and had a set of Enve's on her bike was very interested in my wheels.


That bike is now tucked away for winter. I occasionally take it out to look at it, but I'm mainly now riding my WyndyMilla with alloy training wheels. My first race next year will be the Buffalo City, SA, first round of the ITU ParaTriathlon World Series. But as I say, the initial rides were very good - the felt fast, comfortable and even with the brake power split 50:50 (both cables run to one lever and are split) the braking was still very good.





Richard Wood



They are the first set of aero wheels I have had, ultimately my average speed is up at least 1-2mph since starting to use the wheels. If you like riding fast they are quite simply great. On top of this they look great, I bought 40mm clincher wheels black with black decals and they look like a ‘stealth’ wheel.


I very impressed with the build and being able to buy locally. I have pals who have paid substantially more for carbon wheels from likes of Mavic and the quality of the Mavic wheels isn’t as good and they weigh more.


Nice attention to detail and a competitive price too. 10 out of 10 for me.

Philip Goss

Hi Brian


Fantastic wheels! I’m really pleased with them so far, and have hit some great times using them. No issues with cross winds, even in bad weather and even with the 86mm. A really enjoyable ride.


Best regards



Derren Sanders



Thank you very much for supplying the mixed set of of 600 / 800 wheels.  They have made there journey very efficiently all the way to Abu Dhabi.  They ride beautifully, beyond my expectations.  The service received from Walker Brothers was excellent. Thank you







Phil Barrett

Thanks Brian


I've been a keen cyclist for a number of years and participate in a number of varying cycling events from sportive to local amateur TT...most miles however are on my club rides.


I wanted a carbon wheel upgrade that 'suited all' but performed well in what ever I did. The advice you gave me was informative, balanced and made absolute sense being able to describe characteristics in detail.


Walker Bros provided a personal and knowledgable service which made me feel confident in the product and offered a bespoke service allowing me to choose and personalise my purchase. The wheel set they provided ticks all my boxes and offers features above a comparable market. The lightness and strength offers a very responsive ride whilst the build quality and finish delivers exactly what a rider is looking for in terms of a cycling investment.


The level of service I have received through out has been superb and I have sensed an exacting attention to detail to the highest standard.  I have already recommended Walker Bros to my club member colleagues.


Thank you again

Mr Phil Barrett


Dear Brian,

Thank you for inviting me to comment on the wheels.

I purchased the 50mm Fleet Clincher set, and also upgraded to a carbon hub. I can't offer comparisons to other carbon wheels as your wheels are the first set of carbon wheels I have purchased.

I love the wheels. Smooth, very fast, and good braking. As an added bonus, they look great. I've certainly attracted some very positive comments from fellow triathletes looking at my bike in the transition area (see pic).

Delivery service also very good, and the wheels were packed and secure within the delivery package. I'm certainly recommending the wheels to my friends at my local tri club.


Keep up the good work


All the best,

David Bird

David Bird


Hi Brian,


Hope you are well. I've done more than a few hundred miles and a couple of triathlons on the wheels so feel it's a good time to comment on them. I've got the 60/86 wheelset with carbon hubs and Hope quick release.



Considering these are a deeper wheelset, they accelerate and spin up to speed pretty well. Not as well as my 50 carbon wheels (as expected) but they are certainly no slouch. The real beauty of them is obviously on the flats / false flats. At first they certainly "felt" like they held speed better, but having measured plenty of regular Strava sections versus the 50mm wheelset, I can scientifically vouch for that!


The wheels have definitely added speed and reduced perceived effort on the flat and this holds true for slight inclines. They carry speed well and breeze up 2-3% hills that used to take a little out of my cadence for the same gear. I recently completed the 1/2 Iron distance Hever Castle Tri, using the wheels. It's a very hilly course for a tri (>1,500m climbing) and if I am honest I was surprised, because I couldn't tell the difference between them and my lighter 50mm set on the hills, so I'm really happy to use these on any course.


The wheels themselves ride really well and considering how quick they are, are way more comfortable than I thought they would be. I ride a 23mm Continental tyre on the wheels but it feels like a 25mm in terms of comfort, very smooth even on our wonderful UK country lanes! This is a testament to the R&D that's been put into these wheels and their profiling. Similarly, an area where the wheels have outperformed expectation is on braking. In the dry now, most companies can get reasonable stopping power in the dry. The Walker Bros wheelset definitely deliver this, but it is progressive and the feedback you get from the brake blocks supplied is quite good. But it is in the wet that I have been surprised. I normally brake 10-15m before I normally would when riding carbons in the wet. Doing the same with these and I had knocked off way too much speed, so whilst not as good as aluminium, I'm only braking a few metres before, which can make all the difference.


The only challenge I have had with the ride of the wheel thus far in cross winds - to be fair, this was completely expected. I rode them a couple of weeks ago on a training ride and had to go back home after about 90 minutes. Where I was riding was relatively exposed and the cross wind gusts were around 15mph (I checked on the Met Office website!) I'm not superlight (~75kg) and these cross winds made the front end pretty twitchy and I lost all confidence. Up to around 12mph cross wind however, I'd still use them.



I have a mechanical engineering degree, therefore can really appreciate quality build and materials. Both on this wheelset are second to none. There are no edges, overlaps or areas that I have identified that are less than perfect. Absolutely exceptional build and materials, so a job really well done! Similarly the hubs, spokes and skewers all appear to be the same and considering how many potholes and rough patches I ride through, there's been no impact on the wheels at all. They look like they'll last a lifetime.



These wheels are the bomb! Not really much else to say, they look beautiful and the choice between white or black decals is a great idea. They make my tri bike look sexier (and more professional) and that adds another percent or two of confidence when you're heading to the race line. They sound awesome too and that delightful "whoosh" seems to inspire you when you're riding alone. Even if only perception, these can only be good things to add to the overall package!



I do have to consider that this wheelset cost about the same as my 1st full carbon bike. Because of this you would expect them to perform well, look good and be built to a certain standard with high grade materials.


These wheels however have over delivered against my high expectations in every area: They ride quicker

and with greater comfort. The build quality and materials are second to none. They look (and sound) amazing. As such, I'd say they represent good value for money (because I know they will last) and will certainly consider another pair in the future.


Many thanks,




Mark Higginbotham

David Willer PhD

Hi Brian,


Hope you are well.   Just wanted to check in and give some feedback on the disc wheel now that I have ridden and raced with it for a bit.     I still don't have any worthwhile photos to provide, so hopefully I will at some point.


The first impressions are that it is a very smooth and quiet wheel and very controlled.     Compared to people riding a zipp disc or something else, nobody knows I am coming, which is a nice thing.    It a very comfortable wheel, and I have full confidence in it now for all things.   I am primarily a sprinter, so I was a bit apprehensive at first throwing it at full speed into flying 200s and other fast and high-G force applications.    I am fully committed now with this wheel and just broke my PB by 4 tenths this week, even when I was hungover, had a bad line, was very shaky etc. so for sure the wheel is very fast.     In fact, the very first time I used it was in a regular pace-line session and after warming up I switched over to the disc.  I caused all kinds of issues with the paceline as I kept coming out of the corners ssooooo fast.   It took some adjustment, but it was very readily evident the extra speed it was providing.      Very happy with things so far.     Good luck with the continued development of your products.


I should have some other guys out on this disc in the coming weeks/months to provide some additional feedback.



(Revolution One track disc)

Russell Wieck


Hello Brian, have been using the fabulous wheels you supplied me for a couple of months now and the results are just fantastic. I must admit I got a bit of a shock first time out on the boards as I under estimated the speed and acceleration these babies had over my previous wheels. They spin up and hold speed so well that I found myself on the pedals trying to avoid running into the guys in front of me. They look absolutely magic on the bike and perform the same on the track. Sprinting is much more controlled as the bike is far more stable under efforts and they track dead straight. My times have come down as a result of the performance of the wheels and I can’t ignore the added confidence they have given me. Getting plenty of feedback from the guys who can’t get over the quality of the finish. Great result Brian I could not be happier and thanks again for the advice through the selection and purchasing process. Overall an awesome experience. Cheers



(Revo 1 track disc)

10 May 2016 010

Dylan Hughes (Revo 2 track disc)

Dylan Hughes2 Dylan Hughes

Big congratulations to Dylan Hughes - a Youth A rider from Hetton Hawks - who collected no less than 2 bronze medals at the Scottish Track Championships this weekend.


Dylan rode our Revo 2 track disc.

Hi Brian


Just an update on the wheels and how things are going.


Wheels are fabulous and getting quicker. Getting lots of comments and good feedback around the velodrome.


The performance of the wheels has helped with my personal progress to the point I will be competing at the Track Masters World Champs at Manchester in October.


Target event is the Team Pursuit, but I will ride the IP, points and Scratch as well.


Exciting times ahead and it will be great to roll around on your brilliant wheels.


Hopefully next email will be the advise of a significant result.






Nathan Carter (60/88 Fleet clinchers)

Hi Brian


Hope you are well.


Apologies for not reverting sooner. The wheels have been fantastic, I probably used them a little too much in training but I enjoyed them so much and they stood up remarkable well to the Kent/ Sussex roads and hills. I raced them at the Swashbuckler in May and averaged 34kmph for the 90K and again for my A race, IM Maastrict, where before the rain set in I was averaging 33+kmph but slowed in the deluge to a respectful 31kph over 180K. Got off bike feeling good and recorded a 11hr 20min for 1st IM, which I am very pleased with.


Thanks again and I understand you have another review pending in Triathlon 220, I hope this reflects my experience: 1st class.


All the best


Having spent many years racing on the track, indoors, outdoors, around the UK and the world, I have used many different race wheels. Wheels that I have used throughout my time are the usual brands like Mavic, Corima, Fast Forward, Pro and various others. As established brands, you would expect them to perform well. And they do.

However, in 2015 I came across Walker Brothers and their Revo 1 disk wheels and 5 spoke front wheel I can whole heartedly say that these wheels are as competitive, if not better than the leading brands and definitely rival the kit at the Olympic level.


My reasonings for this include: their hollow structure of the disk wheels  means that they are super light. This means that the wheels are easy to accelerate and roll easily once up to speed. However, owing to the craftsmanship at Walker Brothers, the strength of the wheels is in no way compromised. Also, due to the wheels being built on to Shimano Dura-Ace hubs, the bearings are super smooth and the build quality is what you would expect from any major brand of wheels. Not to mention that because these hubs have been used, the wheels really look the part. Also, the Union Flag design on the wheels is perfect for a proud Brit like myself!


In all, I am finding that the wheels are strong, lightweight, aerodynamic and agile and I look forward to putting them on my bike for every race in this upcoming 2016/17 track season and beyond. I love my Walker Brothers wheels and I am confident that everyone else will too!

       Matt Rotherham



Matt Rotherham ( Revo 1 & Hi5 )

Matt2 IMG_1133