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Almost four years of painstaking research and development and highs and lows, have resulted in the "Ethereal" disc wheel range. A unique construction road and track disc, fully designed and hand made by Brian Walker. The 5 spd TT road Disc weighs an incredibly light 850g when fully built with sprockets,  which makes it the lightest road disc in the world. The track version is even lighter at 660g and is built around the superb Dura Ace track hub with their legendary super smooth cup and cone bearings which makes this a formidable wheel by any standards.


Months of testing has produced exciting performance results.  The Ethereal is planned for release for the beginning of 2017 but we are now looking for top UK timetrialists to try out and review the wheel for expert feedback before the design is finalised.



Introducing the "Ethereal", ultra light Track and road Disc wheel




Brian walker is inviting the best of UKs timetrialists to try out his new Ethereal TT disc wheel before it's design is finalized and goes to market, to get expert feedback. The Ethereal TT disc is totally unique to any other disc Wheel. It is a 5 speed TT disc aimed at hardcore timetrialists and purely designed for flat and sporting courses. It is still compatible with all 10/11spd gear systems. Because of its It's 5 spd design It can excel over all other 10/11spd disc wheels for 3 main reasons.


Lightest: when complete with cassette and sprockets the Ethereal is the lightest road disc on the market at an incredible 850g thanks to the 5 speed hardened alloy cassette and sprockets and the unique multidirectional carbon hollow construction.


Stiffest? It's impossible to claim to be the stiffest disc but Because of its 5spd design, this allows for a much wider flange to flange width than a normal 10/11 speed wheel, that has virtually no width on the drive side. this extra central width along with the huge 130mm internal carbon flanges and unidirectional carbon skins gives it fantastic lateral stiffness.


Most aerodynamic : the Ethereal has a perfect lens shaped profile but what is unique about this wheel, is that because of its central hub width, it has the perfect lens profile on BOTH drive and non drive sides This is not achievable on ordinary 10/11spd wheels. The Ethereal disc has not been wind tunnel tested yet but if the lens profile is the most aerodynamic as many claim then it makes sense that this has to be the most aerodynamic wheel.




Walker Brothers join record breaking attempts

Walker brothers are now proud to be part of "Team Excalibur".  We intend to set and break multiple National and World roller and vehicle paced speed records, including the world land vehicle assisted speed record.


Brian Walker is to design and build one a off wheel for the attempts next year. All will be revealed by the main man himself in the new year.


Updates will be posted here.



Again, Matt Rotherham goes from strength to stregnth riding our Revo 1 disc and HI5 wheels to Silver medal place in the Keirin.


Well Done Matt

Walker Brothers wheels made a great impact in the 2017 National Track Championships in Manchester.

Intended to be used by triple gold medalist Dan Bigham, there was a compatibility issue with his frame so the wheels were handed to his Brother NRG DriverPlan team mates who used it to outstanding effect, taking the Team Pursuit Gold Medal.

A fantastic first outing for the  Ethereal prototype disc wheels

Charlie Tanfield took Silver to Dan in the individual pursuit and Jacob Tipper took ninth in the individual pursuit smashing an unbelievable 17 seconds off his personal best.





Attachment-1 Attachment-1 matt silver

Well done to Team Brother NRG DriverPlan.





The new Walker Brothers Ethereal Disc wheels out perform Mavic Comete wheels significantly in aeroynamic and performance tests

In a series of independent aerodynamic and performance tests over the past 3 weeks, the new prototype Ethereal track disc wheels have come out consistently faster than Mavic Comete wheels.

Meticulously tested by Watt Shop at Derby Veledrome against the Mavic comete and Corima wheels, the Ethereal proved significantly faster in all tests.



The data was collected with a Quarq Dzero, test runs were 4 minutes at 56kph. Air density was calculated from ambient air temperature, air pressure and humidity.Tyre pressure were all set at 220psi. Crr for each wheel was calculated using the Tom Anhalt roller method. Chain tension was always set the same, (very loose). The data was processed in MatLab on a second by second basis and then averaged over the complete test run.


Test Run 1.




Test Run 2. (rear wheel only)


Walker Brothers Ethereal 0.1815m^2 CdA 453.8w @ 56kph


Mavic Comete 0.1832m^2 CdA 457.4w @ 56kph


Corima flat profile 0.1844m^2 CdA 459.9w @ 56kph



Test Run 3. (Front wheel only).


Walker Brothers Ethereal 0.18216m^2 CdA  414.6w @ 56kph


Mavic Comete 0.18411m^2 CdA  419.0w @ 56kph


Corima flat profile 0.18632m^2  424.1w @ 56kph