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A system unique to the Walker Brothers for the fast production and curing of carbon fibre sheets. Heated high temperature glass post-cures resin in place.

Resin infusion process: Epoxy resins is fed into the carbon fibre cloth under vacuum and gradually works it's way through to make an extremely strong, air free carbon sheet.

Cured Carbon sheet pulled from mold

Vacuum Bagging contoured carbon skins

At the Walker Brothers purpose built workshop we produce our own carbon fibre components from raw materials for the construction of our disc wheels.  All of our alloy components for our disc wheels are custom designed and machined  here in the UK from only the best quality materials and machining methods.


An array of specialist aerospace production techniques are carried out here,  some unique only to us. Constant research and development into new ideas and production techniques makes for an ever changing and advancing movement in the business.

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Pre resin infusion lay-up : Several layers of different fibre weaves and fibre orientations designed for maximun strength to weight ratio.

Unique double weave pattern. You see a different weave at different angles

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