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Walker Brothers/Huubwattbike

In 2017 we started a working partnership with Team KGF, at the time a little known group of riders from Derby aiming to find every possible advantage to enter the British National Pursuit Championships. By 2019, after surprising the World, the team changed its identity to Huub/Wattbike. See how we meticulously hand make the very wheels that have stunned the world.

Ribble Pro Cycling

Last autumn and winter saw us designing and preparing wheels in preparation for our most ambitious sponsorship agreement to date.
While we’re a proven and reliable name on the track scene, having been with Team KGF, now Huub Wattbike and Vittoria Bussi since the start as well as a host of other medal wining names such as Matt Rotherham, the professional road scene was a largely uncharted territory. We selected two designs, one we called the ‘Ribble Rebel’ which the team used as a lightweight and all purpose training wheel during their winter miles in the UK and early season camps abroad.

We now proud to be able to realise their race wheel for general sale The Ribble 58 Walker Brothers “WideBoy” wheelsets have an extra wide 28mm rim width which widens out to a maximum of almost 30mm. This allows for larger tyre diameters and with it, a reduction in rolling resistance. The braking surface is treated to withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees celsius 4 degree braking surface and when fitted with 25mm tyres gives an excellent aero profile of tyre and rim combined. UD carbon lay up front and back with excellent handing capabilities.

The fact the rims are tubeless ready means there is no need for sealant tape as there are no spoke holes in the bed of the rim. Tubeless tyres can be fitted with the minimum of fuss and we’re also offering wheel sets pre-fitted with Continental GP 5000 Tubeless clinchers.

We’re also pleased to see they’re a bit of a success with the team riders as well!

‘Laterally very stiff wheelset, the wide rim profile provides a really broad seat for the tires. This combined with being ran tubeless equates to them being incredibly fast rolling but also able to absorb bumps when ran at a slightly lower pressure than would be possible with a traditional tyre and tube set up. Braking confidence is the same as what you would have with an alloy rim, and is seemingly unaffected in the wet or dry. There is no grabby feeling which you can sometimes get with carbon wheels’. – Jack Rees

‘From the off, tubeless set up was a doddle, new GP 5000 mounted with a track pump with no loss of pressure, the wide profile of the wide boy makes the tyre blend seamlessly into the rim giving it the perfect rim to tyre interface. The rear hub offers a fast and positive engagement, combined with the stiff build means they pick up and carry speed better than any wheel I have experienced. Braking is very, very good even in the wet, an area in which carbon wheels usually suffer’. – Alex Luhrs

‘Very fast wheelset. Amazing when you have them over 22mph, just seem to roll really well when at speed. Stiff wheels when sprinting and out of the saddle, no movement or skittering in back wheel which you would get with most carbon wheels that depth. Nice engagement in the free hub and very zippy even up steep gradients’. – Jake Gray

‘The wheels are undoubtedly fast and responsive, however it’s their ability to particularly excel at braking in wet conditions, more so than any carbon wheel I’ve previously used, which has provided me with a great increase in confidence. Coupled with the wheels ability to tackle even the strongest cross wind, results in a perfect all-round carbon wheelset’. – Alex Dalton

‘A robust set off carbon wheels, brilliantly stiff compared with other deep section carbon wheels I’ve used. The tubeless set up is a game changer’. – Ed Hopper

‘Tubeless is the go to option for me after riding the Walker Brothers wide boys. A super fast and stiff set of wheels, with superb braking in all conditions!’ – Will Brown.


It’s no coincidence that Walker Brothers Wheels are as well known a name as some of the many riders around the world using our products. It’s the result of  often years of painstaking research into developing new products, and to enable this new manufacturing techniques to keep us ahead of the game. We don’t just sell wheels, we look to see what’s on the market, and see how we can make something better, faster and more reliable, then we build them.
Our workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne is where wheels are created from components such as rims, spokes, carbon sheets, ceramic bearing and hubs. Some recognisable, often not. Our rims are manufactured to an exact specification depending on their purpose and nothing you buy from us won’t have endured hours of testing using wind tunnels and other technology that will tell us what we need to know.

We have just recently expanded our carbon deep section spoked wheel ranges, Fleet and WideBoyTT to encompass disc brake versions as well as a new range Ruffnuts for Cycle-Cross and Gravel riders. To finish your wheels off, you can choose from Silver White or Stealth Black decals with either our logo or Walker Brothers text decals.

Of course there will always be the discerning rider who will never quite see what he really wants. For us, as we produce our wheels in small quantities, this isn’t a problem if you get in touch with your requirements, we rarely disappoint. While we may have your wheels in stock, most are built to specifically and as such you should allow 2 – 3 weeks from the time of your order. If you require a specific date, please  Contact Us

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