Walker Brothers Wheels are as well known a name as some of the many riders around the world using our products. It’s the result of years of painstaking research into developing new products, and new manufacturing techniques to keep us ahead of the game. We don’t just sell wheels, we look to see what can be improved and see how we can produce something better, faster and more reliable.
For over 10 years Walker Brothers have designed and manufactured carbon fibre disc wheels from raw materials which we now produce at our workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Our wheels are manufactured to an exact specification depending on their purpose and nothing you buy from us won’t have endured hours of testing and rider feedback that will tell us what we need to know. We have worked with and sponsored many World class riders over the years to gain feedback and to constantly strive for design improvements which have lead to multiple World record breaking performances. We now introduce our 2022 range.

Our Range