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Walker Brothers is a growing specialist bicycle component manufacturer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, started in 2010 and owned and run by Brian Walker and focusing on producing some of the lightest and fastest carbon wheels in the World.

Brian Walker was one of the country’s top time trialists in the 90s winning many national awards including 3 individual senior National Championship medals and competing in distances ranging from 10miles to 12 Hour events. He also held the fastest 10 mile TT time in the North East of England which stood for 16 years before finally being bettered in 2013.

During a 26 year time trialling career he was renowned for his innovative creations, with custom bikes and accessories that have pushed the boundaries and gained the edge. Brian finally hung up his cycling shoes in 2011 to put all of his obsessive energies into building the Walker Brothers business.

The main drive of Walker Brothers is to create and manufacture a line of unique and innovative high end products for the time trialling, track, and triathlon market, and to carry over in his business and products what Brian believed during his racing career, to never stop striving for the extra edge with a determination to make things work

From humble beginnings and satisfying a thirst for knowledge to help in developing new techniques to supplying some of the countries finest athletes in less than seven years.

Why carbon? The answer is the rim of a wheel is turning at almost eight times per second at 35 mph. Excess, or uneven weight in this areas can have a devastating effect on acceleration, overall speed and control. No other material has such customisable characteristics to overcome such a variety of problems. Additionally, due to its light mass, and relative ease of use, carbon can be shaped and moulded into true aero dynamic profiles with little addition to the overall weight.

In this site you will find something that will interest you and may even stir your own inquisitiveness!


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