Walker Brothers are now stockist of the full range of Kogel bearings including the popular jockey wheels for re fitting to rear mechs. Kogel are manufactured in Texas, USA and have an enviable reputation for their quality and longevity.

We are now fitting all our Ethereal Track Discs with Kogel Ceramic bearings. The Silicon Nitride used to make Kogel ceramic combines a set of material properties that make it perfect for bicycle bearings. The material is hard, resistant to wear, can be made into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and can be polished smoother than any metal. Also, it does not compress as much as steel, leaving the contact points with the bearing races very small and not squashed like a tennis ball under load. Compressing any material under load and trying to roll it will cause unnecessary drag. On top of all this, ceramic bearings do not rust or oxidise.

For the full range of Kogel products we’ll be stocking, go to Kogel Ceramic Bearings, or take advantage of our hub upgrade service. We collect, upgrade and deliver your wheels back to you for one fixed price Kogel Ceramic Bearing Upgrades