Not all companies that sell wheels are the same. At Walker Brothers we actively spend as much time as we can researching new ideas and pushing the specification of new products to their limits to create something that’s different, unique and ultimately faster.

One such project you can follow the progress of is the Ethereal Endurance Track Disc. Weighing in at a mere 740gms, it’s the latest creation from the fevered imagination of Brian Walker, founder of Walker Brothers Wheels and the version you see here is the first working prototype that is currently out with a selected tester.

We can’t divulge too much information about its construction here and as its very much work in progress, the next version could change radically. ‘When you’re developing a new wheel, sometimes you can alter a minor detail and the cumulative effect is massive, both on performance and reliability, the two main aims of any product we design. Sometimes, looking for those small gains in a wheel means you realise you’ve reached the limit of the design and you have to go back to the start. Its frustrating when that happens, but thats what makes us different’

We’ll post and update once we’ve received the data from our tester and let you know the next step