Tried and tested aerodynamic profile.
In house designed and built Hidden Hub for seamless airflow.
Conditioned Kogel Ceramic Bearings.
Meticulously hand laid in the UK.
Balanced for rolling at speed.

A wheel like no other. Built like no other and rides like no other. Extreme light weight and superior aero dynamics give this wheel excellent pick up and acceleration.

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Rear Ghost Track Disc. Opaque skin and therefore not as light as the translucent version but still 950gms!
Almost 10 years in the making, and after continuous improvements over current designs, we may have reached the end of the line and developed our ultimate track wheel.

The Ethereal Ghost is totally different to any other wheel on the market. It is made up of four separate thin carbon skins. Two inner (structural) and two outer (aero). The inner structural wheel is meticulously hand laid and tensioned using super thin carbon strips arranged in a multidirectional design that maxmises the full potential of the carbon used, for ultimate strength to weight ratio.

Another unique feature is that because of the design and carbon used (uni-directional), there is no need to add resin to the carbon, saving a huge amount of weight without any loss of performance as there is nothing to restrict the behavior of the carbon, resulting in a very laterally stiff wheel at very low weight.

Now for the aero dynamics. The Ethereal Ghost has two outer skins permanently bonded to the inner. The lenticular profile of these have been shaped over many months of aero testing with Dan Bigham and the Huub/wattbike Test Team, and already used to outstanding effect.

Other features of the Ethereal Ghost include Kogel Ceramic Bearings which have been flushed of grease and then very lightly lubricated for minimum rolling resistance. We have incorporated a clear bearing cover to help protect from contaminants and which also sits flush with the outer skins. This combined with our ‘Hidden Hub’ system which takes the hub flanges inside the wheel, leaves a seamless path for airflow across the entire wheel.

The Silicon Nitride used to make Kogel Ceramic bearings combines a set of material properties that make it perfect for bicycle bearings. The material is hard, resistant to wear, can be made into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and can be polished smoother than any metal. On top of all that, ceramic bearings do not rust or oxidize

Weight: 950
Rim: Carbon, designed for 23mm Tubular tyres
Inner skins: Full uni-directional carbon hand layed.
Outer skins: Satin Black composite
Hub: Walker Brothers alloy Al7075 with Kogel Ceramic Bearings


ESD Front Option

Ethereal ESD Rear, No Front

Single ESD/SSD Option

Ethereal SSD Front, Ethereal SSD Rear, Ethereal ESD Rear, Ethereal ESD Rear

SSD Pair Option

Ethereal ESD Front, Ethereal ESD Rear

SSD Rear Option

Ethereal ESD Front, No Rear

5 Spoke Option

5 Spoke front, No Front


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