Ethereal ESD Rear Endurance Track Disc – 27mm Rim

Ride with the very same wheel you will have seen powering the Huub/wattbike Test Team to numerous victories.
With their feedback, this wheel has been constantly refined and improved and the version you buy will have benefitted from this and have the latest developments, – we certainly don’t keep any old stock of these!


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As evidence of being able to build to a custom specification, this pair of ESD’s have a 27mm rim which allows the use of 25mm tyres. We have 2 available at this spec at a rare low price of £600 each.
As used by UCI World Cup Gold medalists, team KGF. Walker Brothers Ethereal disc wheels are like no other. Each wheel is constructed using four separate super thin and lightweight carbon skins, meticulously hand laid to a precise pattern to maximise strength to weight ratio. The Ethereal ESD has been specifically designed for optimum performance in endurance track events like pursuit races, where aerodynamics, acceleration from start, and smoothness of ride are paramount. We believe the Ethereal ESD has the lightest rim weight of any disc wheel on the market for incredible acceleration.

Tested numerous times by 3 x National track champion Dan Bigham’s Watt shop, the Ethereal ESD has consistently and significantly outperformed top brands such as Mavic Comete, Lightweight Autobahn, Corima and Pro lite.

All our Ethereal Track Discs are fitted with ceramic bearings. The Silicon Nitride used to make ceramic bearings combines a set of material properties that make it perfect for bicycle bearings. The material is hard, resistant to wear, can be made into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and can be polished smoother than any metal. On top of all that, ceramic bearings do not rust or oxidize.

Weight: 1080g
Rim: 25mm custom 3k Carbon, designed for 25mm Tubular tyres
Inner skins: Full uni-directional carbon hand laid.
Outer skins: 3k carbon composite
Hub: Walker Brothers alloy Al7075 sealed bearing system.

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