Ethereal T4 Ghost Rear Narrow Profile ESD Track Disc

Tried and tested aerodynamic profile.
In house designed and built Hidden Hub for seamless airflow.
Conditioned Kogel Ceramic Bearings.
Meticulously hand laid in the UK.
Balanced for rolling at speed.

A wheel like no other. Built like no other and rides like no other. Extreme light weight and superior aero dynamics give this wheel excellent pick up and acceleration. Due to their low weight, Ethereal Ghost disc are balanced to counteract any centrifugal counteraction for the valve siting.
Comes with Vittoria Pista Speed tyres fitted, 2 Dura Ace sprockets, track pump adapter, Walker Brothers Wheel Bag,T-Shirt and valve covers



We’ve now added the T4 to our range of top end Ghost discs. The T4 range is designed for track frames that would have clearance issues on the stays s

The T4 Ghost is a version of our already popular T4 wheel with the Ghost unique carbon which is meticulously hand laid to a precise pattern in a both labour intensive and time consuming process. Its a procedure you just cannot rush, but the result justifies the time taken and something you realise from the first ride. Each wheel is constructed using four separate super thin and lightweight carbon skins, meticulously hand laid to a precise pattern to maximise strength to weight ratio.

Tested numerous times by 3 x National track champion Dan Bigham’s Watt shop.

Decal Options
Choose from one of the four decal options when you order your Walker Brothers Wheels.

Decal Option

Silver White Logo, Stealth Black Logo, Silver White Text, Stealth Black Text

Wheel Option

Rear Wheel, Front Wheel, Front and Rear


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While we endevour to keep a stock of our most popular models, the nature of our business and the range of options we offer makes this difficult. In particular the hand built nature of some of our wheels from raw materials means we cannot always supply demand. For this reason we ask you give us 2-3 weeks before we ship your wheels unless you contact us direct before ordering.