Fleet Rim Brake Tubeless Ready Clincher. 50mm rim – 2019 Model

The Fleet Disc range now incorporates a new lighter rim design. The braking surface has a coating designed to cope with temperatures up to 200 degrees to eliminate heat build up. The profile of the rim gives smooth surface transition to the tyre.

Why not let us do the dirty work and fit the tyres and cassette. Take a look at our accessories page and have your wheels set up for you straight from the box.


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The Fleet range has always been a popular range and the 50mm carbon rim offers perfect compromise between aero capabilities and functionality.

Novatec A291SB/F482SB. The Novotec hub were our best selling models up to 2019, and for good reason. For most people who don’t have exceptionally heavy use in constantly poor weather, they were a very good vfm hub. We only stopped using them as our customers preferences led us to using DT Swiss. Very easy user serviceable and will give you many years of trouble free riding with minimal maintenance.

Decal Options
Riders can choose from either white or black text decals with white logo, or all black decals.


Wheelset Options

Shimano/SRAM Wheelset, Campagnolo Wheelset, Campagnolo Rear Single, Shimano/SRAM Rear Single, Front Single

Hub Options

DT Swiss 240, DT Swiss 350

Decal Options

White logo/white text, White logo/black text, Black logo/black text

Rim Depth

Fleet 40, Fleet 50, Fleet 60, Fleet 88


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