Fleet Tubeless 50mm Clincher Wheelset


Full UD Carbon 50mm rim.
Choice of Chris King, Walker Brothers Fleet SL, or Novotec hubs.
Choice of Walker Brothers decals in reflective silver or stealth black.
Comes with Titanium lightweight skewers, lightweight rim tape, carbon brake pads, spare spokes and cassette spacer ring.


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The Fleet Tubless Clincher Wheelset is the ultimate in standard width aero rims. A full 3k carbon weave front and back with excellent handing capabilities. Utilising the feed back from our independent testers that the tubeless clincher rim offers an advantage over standard tubed clinchers. The braking surface has a
Rim: 50mm deep uni-directional carbon, matt finish.  25mm braking surface width 26.5mm maximum width, Basalt braking surface which is bonded into the surface of the rim and is heat resistant to 200 degrees Celsius).

Chris King R45 Ceramic was chosen the as the top of the range hub for the Fleet Wheelsets. The 218g R45 Ceramic hub was designed with the goal of creating a lighter hub that could meet the demands of road racing. Inside the sleek hub body is a stiff 17mm alloy axle for superior performance under the lateral stresses encountered in corners and aggressive sprints. The hub is 11-speed Shimano and Camagnolo compatible. Unique to the R45 rear hub is the King patented 45 tooth RingDrive engagement system, creating a quieter, faster engaging freehub body.

The fast rolling, stainless steel standard bearings feature lightweight low-friction seals and are hand checked before they are installed in the hub. A ceramic bearing upgrade is also available. Built to the same high quality standards as their stainless steel bearings, the ceramic bearings are filled with a minimal amount of low viscosity silicone-based lubrication for the lowest possible drag. King ceramics are designed with more rolling elements per bearing for greater durability and precision. They also offer better corrosion resistance and a weight reduction. The bold choice of a Chris King hub will set your wheel apart from the standard pack of factory wheels.

Bearings: Chris King proprietary ceramic. Dimensions: Flange diameter: 51mm. Shimano 11-speed center to flange drive side: 17mm, center to flange non-drive side: 36.3mm. Campagnolo 11-speed, center to flange drive side: 17.1mm, center to flange non-drive side: 36.2mm. Unique to the R45 rear hub is the King patented 45 tooth RingDrive engagement system, creating a quieter, faster engaging freehub body.

Walker Brothers Fleet SL are our lightest hubs and use ABEC5 TPI bearings. They will help your hubs to roller faster for longer. Very user serviceable if required, they are easy to take apart with basic tools. Using a unique patented 6 pawl design in two groups which work in teams of three simultaneously. Each pawl is held in place by a spring/clip and is also given an additional coil spring.  This design is fast to engage, is quiet and is very durable. It provides either 48 or 56 point engagement, depending on the hub

Axle : Ø10 – A7075, P.C.D : Ø38.5 / 50.6, Centre to flange: 16mm drive side, 37mm non-drive side, cassette : Aluminium, 7075, pawls: 6, 2 groups of 3, engagement: 48pt

Novotec A291SB/F482SB is a budget hub offering excellent rolling resistance race wheels. The front hub has 2 bearings and the rear 4 and are available in Shimano or Campagnolo free hub versions. The hubs build into stiff wheels due to the high bracing angles. Front hub: PCD: 30mm L/R, left flange to centre 34mm, right flange to centre 34mm spoke dia: 2.6mm. Rear hub: PCD: 41mm L 49mm R, left flange to centre 38mm, right flange to centre 18mm, spoke dia: 2.6mm

Weight 1925 kg
Hub Options

Chris King R45 Ceramic, Walker Brothers SL, Novotec A291SB/F482SB

Wheelset Options

Shimano Wheelset, Campag Wheelset, Campag Rear Single, Shimano Rear Single, Front Single

Decal Colour

Silver, Sleath Black


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