Kogel Ceramic Bottom Bracket BB30 Bearing set

A BB30 set up is hard on bearings due to the narrow spacing between the bearings. If durability is your priority over shaving those last few milliwatts, we recommend using the cross bearings on road bikes

Choose road bearings for road bikes, or cross bearings for extra protection if you frequently ride on wet roads.

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Upgrading to a ceramic bottom bracket with coated bearings, gives your bike reduced friction and better protection from nature’s elements. Kogel Bearings offer high-quality ceramic bottom brackets for your road, mountain, or cross bike. We’ve perfected ceramic bearing selection, manufacturing processes, fit and assembly. The result: extremely reliable and efficient bottom brackets with tight variances and industry-leading durability.

Road and off-road specific seal options to keep your road, triathlon, TT, cross and mountain bikes running smoothly and designed to fit any crank and frame without adapters. 2-Year, very few questions asked warranty.

If in doubt, please contact us before ordering with the make and model if your wheels. Contact Walker Brothers

Seal Type

CX, Road


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