Ethereal SSD Sprint Track Disc


Walker Brothers Ethereal disc wheels are like no other. Each wheel is constructed with four separate thin and lightweight carbon skins, meticulously hand laid to a precise pattern to maximise strength to weight ratio. The Ethereal SSD has been specifically designed for optimum performance in Sprint track events where stiffness and power transferal are paramount. It has fantastic lateral stiffness due to it’s wide flange to flang width and also its massive 130mm inner carbon flange diameter. This both increases the angle and shortens the length of the rim to hub connection. With weight being less important, the Ethereal SSD has literally double the carbon fibre than it’s ESD brother. This is the first disc wheel specifically designed for sprint and power events

Weight: 1300g
Rim: Carbon 23mm rim
Skins: Full carbon hand laid side skins
Hub: Walker Brothers alloy Al7075 sealed bearing system. Oversized drive side flange for increased stiffness.


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