Ribble WideBoy 58mm Tubeless Ready Clincher

Ribble Wideboy 58 wheelsets are approved by the UCI for use in competition and have a water based transfer decal which is lacquered over for extra durability. Due to the extra preparation time, and due to demand, current delivery is between 3-4 weeks.



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Ribble WideBoy 58  wheelsets have an extra wide 28mm rim width which widens out to a maximum of almost 30mm. They have an angled 4 degree braking surface and when fitted with 25mm tyres gives an excellent aero profile of tyre and rim combined. UD carbon lay up front and back with excellent handing capabilities. Utilising the feed back from our independent testers that the tubeless clincher rim offers an advantage over standard tubed clinchers. The rim has a braking surface which is bonded into the surface of the carbon and is heat resistant to 200 degrees Celsius).

Walker Brothers Ceramic SL are our lightest hubs and use ABEC5 TPI bearings. They will help your hubs to roller faster for longer. Very user serviceable if required, they are easy to take apart with basic tools. Using a unique patented 6 pawl design in two groups which work in teams of three simultaneously. Each pawl is held in place by a spring/clip and is also given an additional coil spring. This design is fast to engage, is quiet and is very durable. It provides either 48 or 56 point engagement, depending on the hub. Axle : Ø10 – A7075, P.C.D : Ø38.5 / 50.6, Centre to flange: 16mm drive side, 37mm non-drive side, cassette : Aluminium, 7075, pawls: 6, 2 groups of 3, engagement: 48pt

Ribble Wideboy 58’s can also be supplied pre fitted with Continental GP 5000 Tubeless Clinchers. Due to the expected demand for these wheels and the extra work involved in preparing the rims, our customers are asked to give us an extra 5 working days over our usually 2-3 week lead time.
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Weight 1550 kg
Wheelset Options

Shimano Wheelset, Campag Wheelset, Campag Rear Single, Shimano Rear Single, Front Single

Tyre Options

Wheelset Only, Continental GP 5000


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While we endevour to keep a stock of our most popular models, the nature of our business and the range of options we offer makes this difficult. In particular the hand built nature of some of our wheels from raw materials means we cannot always supply demand. For this reason we ask you give us 2-3 weeks before we ship your wheels unless you contact us direct before ordering.