WideBoy 58mm Disc TR Clincher

Combing our race winning Wideboy Tubeless ready carbon rims with a disc brake hub, this is the wheelset of the future. This set combines the main 3 technologies currently influencing wheel design. Essentially a pretty much maintenance free design, but with superior performance, the Wideboy 58’s benefit’s range from hub to rim.

Our Tubeless ready wheels don’t need Tubeless tape fitted and can be also be used in the traditional method with a non-tubeless tire and inner tube.
Why not let us do the dirty work and fit the tyres and cassette. Take a look at our accessories page and have your wheels set up for you straight from the box.


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Our Wideboy range is getting a name for itself and we dont expect this latest addition to stop that progress. Walker Brothers “WideBoy” range wheel sets have an extra wide 28mm rim width which widens out to a maximum of almost 30mm. They have an angled 4 degree rim side surface similar to our rim brake wheels but angled so there is a seamless transition from rim to tyre wall when fitted with 25mm tyres. UD carbon lay up front and back with excellent handing capabilities. Utilising the feed back from our independent testers that the tubeless clincher rim offers an advantage over standard tubed clinchers.

The “WideBoy” wheel sets are targeted more for road bikes as there may be clearance issues with some TT frames that have limited brake caliper adjustment. If purchased for TT frames the clearance should be checked before purchase. No though do we have to consider the torsional stresses and weather conditions on the rim of a wheel during braking. Taking onus away from the rim means a lighter one as there is no braking track to add weight, and more consideration can be given to the spoke tension. The advantages of using disc brake wheels start with the frame of the bicycle as it can be designed without the need for priorities such as fork head clearance and the need for the seat stay to accommodate a brake bridge, allowing a more compliant frame.

Hub Options
We’re sorry for repeating ourselves here, but until we can find a range of hubs that do a better job for the price and are as easy to work with, we’re sticking for our favourite DT Swiss 240 and 350 and a new addition, the Novotec D411SB/D412SB.

DT Swiss 240. Currently our top performing disc brake hub, we choose this as our flagship hub as it’s simply the best at what it does . Retaining many of the  features of the rim version which wa built to satisfy the demand for a durable rim brake hub with the ability to endure corrosive environments. Still retaining DT’s patented star ratchet system known for high load carrying capacity and reliability. The star ratchet system can be easily upgraded from 18 to 36 or 54 points of engagement.

DT Swiss 350. This hub retains many of the features of its high end counterpart with less emphasis on weight and retaining many of the internal components of the 240. As a result they give the same performance with only a small weight penalty, but same performance as reliability.

Novotec D411SB/D412SB. Still a great value lightweight budget hub which is easy to work with. Performance is not compromised and all parts are easily serviceable and bearings easily replaceable.

Tyres and Cassettes
Have your wheels fitted with a tyres and cassette of your choice so they’ll ready to take out of the box, fit to your bike and get out and ride.
We’ll be choosing tyres that have been recommend by our test team for their performance, but if you can’t see what you need, get in touch.

Decal Options
Choose from one of the four options when you order your Walker Brothers Wheels.


Hub Options

DT Swiss 240, DT Swiss 350, Novotec D411SB/D412SB

Wheelset Options

Shimano Wheelset, SRAM XD Wheelset, SRAM XD Rear Single, Shimano Rear Single, Front Single

Decal Option

Silver White Logo, Stealth Black Logo, Silver White Text, Stealth Black Text

Axle Option

QR 9 x 100/10 x 125mm, Thru Axle 12*100mm/12*142mm, Thru Axle 15×100/12x142mm

Rotor Option

6 Bolt, Central Locking


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While we endevour to keep a stock of our most popular models, the nature of our business and the range of options we offer makes this difficult. In particular the hand built nature of some of our wheels from raw materials means we cannot always supply demand. For this reason we ask you give us 2-3 weeks before we ship your wheels unless you contact us direct before ordering.