Wideboy Rim Brake Tubeless Ready Clincher. 28mm rim

The Wideboy range now incorporates a new lighter rim design. The braking surface has a coating designed to cope with temperatures up to 200 degrees to eliminate heat build up. The profile of the rim gives smooth surface transition to the tyre.

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At Walker Brothers we were one of the first to recognise the benefits of wider rims a while ago now. After years of trying to cram as many psi into 19mm tires, it all seemed a bit of a turnaround, but after building our first pair up, we were hooked- literally! The slightly heavier rim is more than offset by the benefits of vastly reduced rolling resistance with the combination of a wider rim and tyre.

As with our Fleet range, the Wideboys have been completely redesigned for 2020. From the hub to the rims, everything has been chosen to not only improve on in terms of performance, but to also look good. We’ve taken the step away from building our own hubs for instance and offering the Chris King hub to something more popular and affordable with the DT  Swiss 240 and 350 for the simple reason they pretty much cover all angles as far as reliability and performance is concerned.

We’ve also changed the design and specification of our rims to feature hidden nipples. This allows us to build a rigid wheel with a spoke length slightly longer than normal which allows for a more compliant ride as well as looking far cleaner! Another small design feature we’ve added is that the wheels will now have two silver spokes radiating from the hub to the valve where it will highlight the Walker Brothers logo.

DT Swiss 240. Currently our top performing rim brake hub, we choose this as our flagship hub as it’s simply very good and we like to think we’ve choose the best components for our wheels. This hub satisfies the demand for a durable rim brake hub with the ability to endure corrosive environments. Still retaining DT’s patented star ratchet system known for high load carrying capacity and reliability. The star ratchet system can be easily upgraded from 18 to 36 or 54 points of engagement.

DT Swiss 350. This hub retains many of the features of its high end counterpart with less emphasis on weight and retaining many of the internal components of the 240. As a result they give the same performance with only a small weight penalty, but same performance as reliability.

Decal Options
All our new wheels feature new decals with all our previous options. Riders can choose from either white or black text decals with white logo, or all black decals.

Wheelset Options

Shimano/SRAM Wheelset, Campag Wheelset, Campag Rear Single, Shimano/SRAM Rear Single, Front Single

Hub Options

DT Swiss 240, DT Swiss 350

Decal Options

White logo/white text, White logo/black text, Black logo/black text

Rim Depth

Wideboy 38, Wideboy 45, Wideboy 58


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