WideBoyTT 58mm TR Front Clincher Clearance

For less that ideal conditions and certainly when a course is prone to cross winds, our Wideboy 58 Tubeless ready front wheel will keep you from drifting off your line. This wheel features our own handbuilt Walker Brothers Carbon aero Hub and is ideally matched with our Wideboy Clincher rear Disc.

Why not let us do the dirty work and fit the tyres and cassette. Take a look at our accessories page and have your wheels set up for you straight from the box.


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Combined with the excellent Chris King front hub, this 58mm front provides the ultimate combination durability and  engineerin.
As used by Ribble Pro Cycling for the 2019 season, the front  WideBoy TT wheel is intended  to be combined with our WideBoy disc wheels to create the ultimate aero wheel set. This wheel is the ultimate in our current development, giving a 26.5 wide carbon rim. A full UD carbon rim with excellent handing capabilities. Utilising the feed back from our independent testers that the tubeless clincher rim offers an advantage over standard tubed clinchers. The rim has a braking surface which is bonded into the surface of the carbon and is heat resistant to 200 degrees Celsius).

Walker Brothers “WideBoy” range wheel sets  have an extra wide 28mm braking surface width which widens out to a maximum of almost 30mm. They have an angled 4 degree braking surface and when fitted with 25mm tyres gives an excellent aero profile of tyre and rim combined.
The “WideBoy” wheel sets are targeted more for road bikes as there may be clearance issues with some TT frames that have limited brake caliper adjustment. If purchased for TT frames the clearance should be checked before purchase.

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