Having spent many years racing on the track, indoors, outdoors, around the UK and the world, I have used many different race wheels. Wheels that I have used throughout my time are the usual brands like Mavic, Corima, Fast Forward, Pro and various others. As established brands, you would expect them to perform well. And they do.

However, in 2015 I came across Walker Brothers and their Revo 1 disk wheels and 5 spoke front wheel I can whole heartedly say that these wheels are as competitive, if not better than the leading brands and definitely rival the kit at the Olympic level.

In all, I am finding that the wheels are strong, lightweight, aerodynamic and agile and I look forward to putting them on my bike for every race in this upcoming 2016/17 track season and beyond. I love my Walker Brothers wheels and I am confident that everyone else will too!