The first impressions are that it is a very smooth and quiet wheel and very controlled. Compared to people riding a zipp disc or something else, nobody knows I am coming, which is a nice thing. It a very comfortable wheel, and I have full confidence in it now for all things. I am primarily a sprinter, so I was a bit apprehensive at first throwing it at full speed into flying 200s and other fast and high-G force applications. I am fully committed now with this wheel and just broke my PB by 4 tenths this week, even when I was hungover, had a bad line, was very shaky etc. so for sure the wheel is very fast. In fact, the very first time I used it was in a regular pace-line session and after warming up I switched over to the disc. I caused all kinds of issues with the paceline as I kept coming out of the corners ssooooo fast. It took some adjustment, but it was very readily evident the extra speed it was providing. Very happy with things so far. Good luck with the continued development of your products.