I’ve been a keen cyclist for a number of years and participate in a number of varying cycling events from sportive to local amateur TT…most miles however are on my club rides.

I wanted a carbon wheel upgrade that ‘suited all’ but performed well in what ever I did. The advice you gave me was informative, balanced and made absolute sense being able to describe characteristics in detail.

Walker Bros provided a personal and knowledgable service which made me feel confident in the product and offered a bespoke service allowing me to choose and personalise my purchase. The wheel set they provided ticks all my boxes and offers features above a comparable market. The lightness and strength offers a very responsive ride whilst the build quality and finish delivers exactly what a rider is looking for in terms of a cycling investment.

The level of service I have received through out has been superb and I have sensed an exacting attention to detail to the highest standard.  I have already recommended Walker Bros to my club member colleagues.